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10 Potty Training Tips

Many parents wonder when and how to start potty training their little ones. It can seem like a scary and daunting task but it doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

You can begin trying to potty train once you notice that you are changing fewer daytime diapers, that your little ones are vocal about when they soil a diaper and/or are uncomfortable in one, and that their bowel movements have become a bit more regular.

Below are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Introduce your little ones to a potty early on. Have one in the bathroom even if they aren’t ready to use it quite yet.

2. After discussing it for a few days and getting them excited for it, create a “potty routine”. Have them sit on the potty at regular times throughout the day.

3. Praise your little ones often, even if they don’t successfully use the potty. Keep them encouraged by praising them for sitting on the potty, managing to pull down their own pants, etc.

4. If they successfully use the potty, praise them more energetically (you can create a special potty dance) and offer a small reward. Using a sticker chart is a great way to keep track and keep them motivated!

5. Don’t deny water! In fact, the more they drink, the more chances they will have to use the potty and be successful. This in itself is a huge motivator.

6. Read potty training books together with your little one. Seeing pictures or illustrations of the potty being used can be encouraging.

7. Dress your children in clothes that are easily slipped on and off. No complicated zippers or buttons.

8. Play games on the potty. When little ones feel stressed, their stomach muscles can tighten, making it harder for them to use the potty. Playing games can calm them down so their stomach muscles loosen up. For example: let them blow bubbles, have them sit on the toilet backwards and draw on the lid with a dry erase marker, etc.

9. Don’t ask them if they have to go to the potty, just go! Often when asked, little ones tend to say no, but when you make a habit of telling them it’s time to try and taking them, they likely go with the flow.

10. Patience, patience, patience. Potty training can sometimes take a while, but as long as your little ones keep trying, don’t give up!

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