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Potty Training Hacks Parents Need to Know

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

One of the most common topics Parents First group members discuss is potty training.

The thought of potty training brings up so many questions.

When should you start potty training your child?

How can you keep your child motivated?

Do potty training reward charts work?

What about regressions?

Pull-ups, underwear, or bare-bottomed?

What kind of potty should you get?

And a whole lot more!

To help answer these questions, we reached out to a potty training expert, Allison Jandu of Potty Training Consultant. Allison did a live Q&A in our group, giving us expert answers to our questions plus three great hacks that are sure to help you along your potty training journey!

Three Tips to Hack Potty Training:

1. Countdown to no more diapers.

Preparation is key! Kids need to know when there will be a change, especially a change this big, so don’t ditch diapers cold turkey! 3-5 days before beginning potty training, wake up each morning and mark the countdown. Use the opportunity to build your child's confidence. During that timeframe, add some positive potty training aspects to their routine - read a potty training book at bedtime, add some role-playing by having your little one teach their favorite doll to use the potty, and watch a fun potty training video together with your child.

2. Blow bubbles while sitting on the potty!

No - it's not just for fun, but it definitely makes going to the potty more exciting! When you inhale and exhale, it releases and contracts pelvic floor muscles, which helps release pee. This will take off some of the stress of peeing in the potty and help relax your little one so that they feel comfortable and successful on the potty.

3. Buy underwear that’s looser fitting.

Snug underwear is more likely to trigger the muscle memory of releasing into diapers. Having your little one wear loose-fitting underwear during potty training will help mimic the feeling of being naked and teach body awareness.

Potty training is a daunting task, but you don't have to face it alone! Our diverse community is full of parents who have helpful tips and ideas and are always ready with a supportive and encouraging word as you potty train your little one.

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