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Apple Tree ABC Match – Preschool Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

A simple and effective activity for learning letters and preparing your child for kindergarten.

Apple Tree ABC Match-up is fun, and easy to set up!

What you’ll need:

  • BabyFirst Tree (click here for the printable)

  • Removable dot stickers

  • Black marker

2 Easy Steps:

  • Click here to print the BabyFirst tree printable

  • Write the uppercase letters on your red stickers with a black marker

Let the fun begin!

  • Your child should remove one sticker at a time, finding the correct match on the tree and placing the sticker onto the alphabet printable.

  • Continue matching each letter until the tree is full!

The dot stickers make it easy to let your children start over if they make a mistake by simply peeling the sticker off and trying again.

To get the most effective result out of this activity, engage with your children while they are doing the activity by asking them questions like: “What sound does this letter makes?” or “What letter are you matching now?”

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