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Autumn Tree Making Activity

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Making your own Autumn tree is an amazing and fun activity! Have your little one create great artwork to display in your family room, giving you that cozy Autumn feeling and filling your child with pride.

What you’ll need:

  • Brown paper / white paper painted brown

  • Bag for collecting leaves

  • Tape

  • Sticky back plastic / See-through contact paper

4 Easy Steps:

  • Go outdoors with you children and let them collect some beautiful leaves off the ground. If you can’t find any in your garden, take a walk around the neighborhood or the park

  • Stick the sticky back plastic to a window/wall with the sticky side facing into the room. Use the tape to hold the corners in place

  • Cut out a tree trunk shape out of the brown paper and stick onto the sticky back plastic

  • Let your children use their collection of leaves to make a beautiful tree by sticking their leaves around the tree trunk! You can help them press firmly so the leaves stay on!

How is this activity beneficial for your child?

This activity works on both your children’s fine and gross motor skills. They work gross motor skills by running and bending up and down while collecting leaves, and they work on their fine motor skills by gently handling their fragile leaves and sticking them on the contact paper.

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