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Autumn Tree Painting

Autumn has arrived and is a great time for some fun indoor activities. Enjoy bonding with your child while making simple but beautiful autumn paintings.

What you’ll need:

  • Large piece of paper (butcher block paper/kraft paper or whatever you find at home)

  • Colorful paints

  • Cotton balls (one for each color)

  • 4 clothespins

  • Paint tray (you can use plastic plates / a piece of carton)

5 Easy Steps:

  • Paint a large tree trunk and a few branches onto a large piece of paper

  • Place red, yellow, orange and green paint on a paint tray

  • Attach a cotton ball to each clothespin

  • Dip the cotton ball into the paint and place dots of paint around the branches and at the bottom of the tree (adult guidance may be needed for this part)

  • Add more colors and repeat

Display in your family room for a warm Autumn feeling and a fill your child with a sense of pride!

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