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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Second Time Moms

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

What to bring to a baby shower for a second time mom?

Baby shower gifts for first time moms are easy! But what do you give to parents who already have all the big necessities? They already have a stroller, a car seat, all the toys, and hand me down clothes from the first sibling. What’s left?

Here are a few fool proof gift suggestions:

· A White Noise Machine - Putting babies to sleep might not be an easy task, but putting them to sleep when their sibling is still running and playing in the house is an entirely different challenge. The same is true for a tired toddler when the baby is crying. The hum of the white noise machine can create a sibling noise free environment, and hopefully help both toddler and baby to sleep.

· Baby Carrier - With a toddler and a baby, life can be busy. Grocery shopping, cooking at home, an afternoon in the playground – having mommy or daddy's arms free every now and again is a must. Nothing like a baby carrier to snuggle baby close, and still be free to cuddle and hold the toddler's hand at the same time!

· Backpack Diaper Bag - Similar to the baby carrier, wearing a backpack diaper bag leaves a parent hands free to carry a baby while assisting a toddler.

· A Night Out (Babysitting Coupon) - After a few weeks, when sanity comes crawling back into the home, your babysitting coupon will be appreciated way better than any spa treatment. A few hours off for both parents, when a loved one takes care of the kids, might be the best gift a tired young couple can get.

· Home Cooked Frozen Meals - The first few weeks with a new baby and a toddler around the house could be tricky. Having a healthy and nutritious meal for the entire family in the freezer would likely make you a savior at some point.

· Diapers - Practical, and always in demand. A gift any experienced parent would absolutely appreciate.

With ideas like these, your presents will be greatly appreciated!

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