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Babyfirst Paper Bag Pinata

Create simple and fun pinatas that are easy for toddlers to break through and receive their prize! Makes a great addition to any birthday party or celebration!

What you’ll need:

Easy Steps:

  • Click here for your free printable

  • Fill your paper bag about half way with candy or prizes

  • Fill the rest with scrunched up newspaper or magazine pages

  • Fold the top of your paper bag and seal with a stapler

  • Punch two holes on either side just above the stapler

  • Cut your orange tissue paper into fringes and glue on to the paper bag as shown below (to resemble Hugg)

  • Cut out arms, smile, and eyes from the printable

  • For the finishing touch, thread your sting through the two holes punches in the top and hang

Give your little ones a stick and let them hit the bag until it tears and candy or prizes come falling out!

Happy Birthday!

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