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Bathing Baby Dolls

Bathing your child along with their favorite baby doll will make bath time easy for you and a fun activity for your toddler! Let them know that it's their doll's turn to take a bath and they need to get in and help! It'll help them feel responsible and help you get them bathed without a fuss!

Pro tips!

  • By letting your child take control and giving the doll a thorough wash, they will understand how to clean themselves properly.

  • You can either pretend to wash the doll, using just a washcloth, or use actual water if you choose.

  • Name the body parts while you wash them. This is a great way to build your toddler’s understanding of language.

  • Try giving your toddler simple commands such as “wash the doll’s arm” and see if they can follow.

  • Loosen up and have some fun! Bath time can be the best part of your day!

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