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Birthday Game Ideas for Toddlers

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Toddler birthdays can be a stressful event for parents – trying to foresee and handle the needs and desires of a group of toddlers is not an easy task.

All kids want is to have fun, and here are a few ideas for games 2-3 years olds can enjoy, sure to make any birthday party a blast!

Pass the Ball – A toddler version of “musical chairs” - pass a plastic ball between the toddlers while the music is playing. When the music stops, the kid holding the ball gets to pick a small prize from a prize bowl. The music goes back on until all the kids receive a prize.

Bubbles party– Somehow bubbles never seem to fail as an activity for toddlers and kids. Get a bubble machine, or simply pails of bubble soap with strings and strainers to make for lots of bubbly fun!

Obstacle course - Create an obstacle course running through the house, with the course marked with colored tape on the floor. Create 3 or 4 challenges to master (pillow hopping, throwing a basketball into a bin, etc.). Give each child a prize at the finish line.

Chalk driveway gallery – Get colorful chalk and let the toddlers color the driveway to their hearts’ content.

Dress up party – Get a collection of odd clothing items – including funny shoes, hats, ties, and bits of costumes from last Halloween, and let the children play dress up. Take pictures of all the dress-up fun and send the parents a thank you text message at the end of the day with a picture of their dressed-up kids.


Toddlers are more likely to remember how they felt rather than what they did. Make it all about the experience and fun, and let the game rules be a general guide.

Make sure all the kids have the opportunity to participate, get a prize, and be encouraged.

Don’t forget the birthday boy or girl! Be sure that they get a special role in the event. Let them be a part of the planning and arranging, making sure that it feels like their event.

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