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Card Coloring and Sorting Activity

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A fun, educational, and easy way to teach your children how to recognize colors.

This activity will encourage the development of fine motor skills and provide a sense of achievement, all while having tons of fun learning colors!

What you’ll need:

  • Printable cards and characters (click here to print)

  • 2-4 oatmeal containers or small boxes

  • Tape

  • Crayons matching the colors of the characters

  • A pair of scissors

4 Easy Steps:

  • Begin by taking the tops off of your oatmeal containers. In the center of each lid, use the scissors to cut an opening big enough for the printable card to slide through. (If you have rectangular boxes, you could cut right into the side of the box instead of the lid.)

  • Tape the Color Crew characters to the containers

  • Have your children use the different colored crayons to draw the printable cards

  • Let your children insert the colored card into the correct container

Be sure to call out the names of the colors as they play. For older children, have them state what color they are inserting in the slot.

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