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Colorful Toys - Sort and Match Game

Learning to identify colors can be both fun AND educational! Get your toddlers to help sort their toys, while teaching them basic colors!

What you’ll need:

  • Different colored towels

  • Small toys matching those colors

2 Easy Steps:

  • Spread different colored towels on the playroom floor.

  • Hold out different toys and ask your toddler to sort them by putting each toy on the towel with the matching color.

Pro Tip:

  • Name the color of each toy as she picks it up, or ask her to name the color if she can.

  • Put down one multicolor towel for the toys that are of many colors.

  • When you finish color sorting, complete the activity by tidying up! Make a game out of putting each color pile away. This way, you get a clean room and your child has fun playing with colors!

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