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Cotton Ball Heart Painting

Mother’s Day is almost here! Gift the special moms in your life with this beautiful heart painting. Silhouette painting develops both fine motor skills and creativity!

What you’ll need:

  • White paper or canvas

  • Red/purple/pink paints

  • Cotton ball

  • Clothespins

  • A photograph cut in the shape of a heart

  • Transparency paper

  • Scissors

  • Double sided tape

Easy Steps:

  • Glue the heart shaped photograph onto your white paper or canvas

  • Cut out a heart shape from the transparency paper to the same size of your photograph

  • Using your double-sided tape, tape the clear paper over your photograph

  • Attach a cotton ball to a clothespin (one for each color)

  • Have your little ones dip the cotton ball into the different colored paints

  • Let them stamp around the whole page

  • Once dry, remove the transparency paper and reveal a beautiful picture frame with your photograph already inside!

Happy Mother's Day!

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