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DIY Color Crew Domino Game

Your little ones will have a blast playing and matching colors with their very own version of the classic domino game. A simple and easy game to create for fun family game nights or a great activity for playdates!

What you’ll need:

  • Craft sticks

  • Paints

  • Black permanent markers

  • Mini googly eyes

Easy Steps:

  • Using a black permanent marker, draw a line across the center of each of your craft sticks

  • Paint each side a different color, being sure to use each color at least twice. You can leave some ends blank as well

  • Once dry, decorate them to resemble your favorite color crew members and add googly eyes

Divide the sticks up evenly between the players and use the classic domino game rule to play but instead of matching up the number of dots, you match up colors!

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