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DIY Harry the Bunny Birthday Goodie Bag

A great addition to your baby or toddler’s babyfirst themed birthday party! Create your very own Harry the Bunny goodie bags using our free printables!

What you’ll need:

Easy Steps:

  • Click here to print out your free babyfirst printables

  • Cut out Harry the Bunny’s face and glue on to the front of your paper bag

  • Cut the bag around Harry’s face to round out the top

  • Cut out Harry the Bunny’s feet and glue to the inner fold of the bottom of the bag (see image)

  • Add in tissue paper and treats

  • When the bag is upright, glue to pompom at the end of the bag (under Harry’s head – see image)

  • Fold over, so Harry’s head is upright and secure with double sided tape

Give away to party guests at the end of your little one’s celebration!

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