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DIY Jet-pack

A fun and simple accessory to make for your children’s space themed birthday party or just a great way to beat the boredom blues around the house!

What you’ll need:

  • Two empty plastic bottles

  • Gray/silver paint or spray paint

  • Silver duct tape or shiny craft paper

  • Hot glue

  • Red, orange, and yellow felt paper

  • Cardboard square

Easy Steps:

  • Paint or spray the bottles gray/silver

  • Once dry, hot glue the sides of the bottles together and secure with strip of felt (see image)

  • Cut 2 long strips of the shiny silver craft paper or duct tape

  • If using duct tape: fold the first strip in half, length wise, to make a thin backpack strap. Repeat with the second strip.

  • Hot glue the ends of each strip together to the front and back of cardboard (see image)

  • Wrap the center with duct tape securing the jet-pack straps

  • Hot glue cardboard to back of bottles

  • Cut out flames (large and small shapes) from the felt paper and hot glue around the bottle lids

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