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DIY Pan Flute

Your little ones will have a blast making music with their very own pan flute out of items you already have at home! Musical instruments help children with their sensory development as they explore the different shapes and sounds. If you would like to specify the sounds of the straws, use the sizing chart below when cutting your straws.

What you’ll need:

  • Wide colorful plastic smoothie straws

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue

Easy Steps:

  • Cut 5-8 wide straws in different lengths (see below for specific lengths for the different notes)

  • Hot glue the straws side by side starting from the tallest all the way down to the shortest

Once dry, let your little ones play and enjoy the music! Teach them to rest their lower lip against the tops of the straws and blow across.

Do = 6.8 in Re = 6.10 in Mi = 5.3 in Fa = 4.9 in So = 4.3 in La = 3.9 in Ti = 3.5 in Do = 3.3 in

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