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DIY – Stress Balls

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

A fun, and very simple activity! You can also make it as a Father’s Day gift or any other occasion.

What you’ll need:

  • Balloons

  • Flour / sand

  • Empty plastic bottle

  • Piece of paper or a funnel

  • Wool (optional)

  • Permanent Marker (optional)

5 Easy Steps to Make the Stress Ball:

  • Roll a piece of paper or use a funnel to fill the plastic bottle with the flour / sand (enough to fill one balloon)

  • Blow up the balloon, and while it’s expanded, place it on the top of the bottle (that’s the tricky part – try to keep as much air inside the balloon as possible

  • Flip the bottle and pour all the flour/sand inside the balloon

  • When all the flour is inside the balloon, detach it gently from the bottle and take out all the air slowly and carefully so the flour/sand won’t escape as well

  • Once ALL the air is out of the balloon, tie the end of it (squeeze all the air out until you’re sure there is none left inside the balloon)

2 Easy Steps to give your stress ball some personality!

  • Use the wool to make hair for your stress ball

  • Use the permanent marker to draw a funny face on it

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