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DIY Toy Camera

Make a fun toy camera for your kids! Simple to create and tons to fun for your little ones to play with and build their imagination. This DIY toy is sure to beat your children’s boredom blues!

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard box

  • Paper cup

  • Markers, crayons, paints, etc

  • Beads, small bottle lids, buttons, etc

  • Thick ribbon or unused straps

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Easy Steps:

  • Paint your cardboard box. For a fun touch, paint the bottom strip a different color then the rest of the box

  • Cut the paper cup in the middle and paint (creating the lens)

  • Glue cup to the center of the box

  • Glue a small bottle lid on the top right side of the camera (for the flash)

  • Glue a button or bead on the top left side of the camera (for the camera dial/button)

  • Glue ribbon or a strap on either side of the camera

Now your little ones can use their imagination taking pictures of themselves, their friends, and their surroundings! Pretend play helps children’s emotional and physical development, teaches them to be creative thinkers, and helps little ones identify with the “adult” world.

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