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Domino Line-Up - Preschool Math Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Domino Line-Up is a quick and easy educational activity to help kids practice the numbers 1-12 and to introduce the basics of adding and subtraction through play!

What you’ll need:

  • Dominoes

  • Paper notes

  • Black marker

5 Easy Steps:

  • Write the numbers 1-12 on the paper notes and sort them in a row on the table or


  • Set the dominoes out and show your little one how to count the dots.

  • For practicing counting - choose a paper note, and place it next to the number of dots it represents (each side of the domino has a different numbered note).

  • For adding – count the dots of both sides of each domino piece, explaining to your toddler that you are adding them together. When you finish counting both sides of the piece, place a numbered note next to it - representing the sum of both sides.

  • You can start with the domino pieces that have fewer dots, depending on your child’s counting abilities.

As your child masters addition, you can use the same method to explain subtraction.

How is this activity beneficial for your child?

  • Dominoes are a great tool for helping kids be able to see a group of objects and instantly know how many without counting it.

  • This hands-on activity helps to create a lasting memory and connection with math –something that a worksheet can’t offer!

  • Using different domino blocks to create the same number helps your child understand that numbers can be composed of different numbers (for example: 5 is made of 1 & 4 or 3 & 2).

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