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Don't parent alone. Join Parents First and find your community!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

It starts with the usual parenting talk.

"How do you transition to a sippy cup?"

"Where did you get that adorable bath toy?"

Soon, it gets a little more intense.

"I'm really struggling with bedtime."

"I feel like a failure."

And then it becomes something else entirely.

"Today was a hard day, but I made it through, so that's a win!"

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but you are doing great!"

Suddenly you realize - this is not just a parenting group.

This is a community—a community you can rely on, a community that understands you, making your parenting journey feel supported and accepted.

Welcome to Parents First!

Parents First is a community of parents and caregivers supporting each other through the wonderful world of parenting. Our active Facebook group is the village where you can build friendships and turn to the community for anything related to parenting, ask for advice and recommendations, get creative birthday ideas, receive lots of support when it’s overwhelming, and share ALL your parenting wins, no matter how small. Parents First brings experts and resources directly to the group so you'll have answers to all your burning questions. With so many different parenting styles out there, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Having a diverse community of parents to talk to makes it easier!

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