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Dot Stickers Flowers – Fine Motor Activity

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

A simple, easy to make, and very beneficial activity for your children’s cognitive development all while using their fine motor skills.

What you’ll need:

  • Colorful dot stickers

  • Kraft paper

  • Paint / thick colorful markers

  • Tape

3 Easy Steps:

  • Cut a large piece of the kraft paper and attach it to the wall using the tape

  • Paint a few flowers using the paint or markers. Use different colors for each flower but keep the stems all in the same colors (green or brown to be realistic). Make sure to draw the flowers in the same colors as the dot-stickers you have!

  • Let your children use the stickers to paint the flowers, while using the matching color!

Some Pro Tips and Advice:

  • Besides the fine motor skills they’ll be using while placing the stickers on the flowers, it’s also a great opportunity to practice your children’s vocabulary (stem, leaves, petal, red, green, yellow, etc).

  • You can use the same technique to draw and color any other items you like. For example: animals, buildings, people, and much more! Try asking your children what they would like to paint next!

  • Use this opportunity to repeat the names of the colors and help widen and enhance their vocabulary.

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