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Flying Egg Carton Helicopter

A fun and simple DIY craft for your children. Create super fun helicopters that really fly! A fun indoor or outdoor STEM craft and activity!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 Egg carton cups

  • Construction paper

  • Markers/crayons/paint

  • Scissors

  • Tape/glue

Easy Steps:

  • Decorate your egg carton cups and glue together to create the helicopter body

  • Create a slit in approximately the same place on either side of the helicopter

  • Cut your 11" x 8.5” construction paper from the 11” side – about an inch wide

  • Cut about halfway down the middle (to create propellers)

  • Trim the bottom to resemble a tree (see below)

  • Insert the narrow side through the slits so the “propellers” are sticking out the top and the narrow end is sticking out the bottom

  • Tape the remainder of the narrow end to the bottom of the egg carton helicopter

Have your little ones stand up high and let his helicopter go. Watch it twirl down safely to the ground.

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