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Four Seasons Spinning Plate

A great craft to teach your little ones all about the four seasons!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 paper plates

  • Light blue paint

  • Split pin

  • Brown marker

  • Ruler (optional)

  • Pencil

  • Colorful paints

Easy Steps:

  • Use the pencil (and ruler) to draw vertical and horizontal lines on both plates creating 4 equal parts on each

  • Poke a hole through the center of both plates

  • Cut out 1 of the 4 sections of one of the plates, being sure to leave the hole in tact

  • Paint both plates in light blue and let dry

  • Starting in the middle, draw branches all around the full plate (on all 4 parts) extending all the way to the end. Decorate each section to represent a season (see tips below)

  • Place the plate with the missing section on top of the full plate and draw a tree trunk (being sure to reach all the way up – see photo)

  • Insert split pin through both plates and secure

Call out a season and let your little one spin the plate to find the right one!


Each section represents a tree. Paint each tree to represent each of the 4 seasons.

o Winter – bare branches with white snow in the background

o Spring – pink blossoms on the branches

o Summer – green leaves on the branches with sun in the background

o Autumn – red/brown/yellow leaves on the branches

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