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How to Make Snake Bubbles!

Creating Snake Bubbles is simple and fun! A great outdoor activity perfect for a beautiful summer day!

You can do it as an activity for your child’s birthday party or just for the two of you on a hot summer’s afternoon!

What you'll need:

· Plastic drink bottles (preferably small ones)

· Old socks (again, smaller is better)

· Bubble mixture in a bowl (you can just use dish soap mixed with water)

· Rubber bands

· Scissors

3 Easy Steps:

  • Use the scissors to cut off the bottom of a plastic drink bottle, leaving just the top half. Any plastic bottles will work, but those with a sports bottle cap are better as they make it harder for your child to accidentally breathe in any of the bubble mixture.

  • Pull a sock over the bottom of the bottle and secure it in place with a rubber band. Make it as tight as possible!

  • Dip the sock covered bottle into your bubble mixture

Now let the fun begin!

Just blow through the top of the bottle and see how the awesome snake bubbles are created!

Extra Pro Tips!

  • Safety first - Make sure to stay by your child while doing this activity. Explain the children to blow out and not in so they don’t get any of the bubble mixture in their mouth!

  • To upgrade the activity, you can let your children decorate the bottles with colors and even glue eyes on them, making them cool bubble monsters!

  • Make one for yourself and join the fun!

  • Let your children understand the importance of recycling old bottles that you no longer need.

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