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Magnet Craft Sticks

Create fun DIY Magnet Craft Sticks for your little ones to play with. Super simple to make and easy to store, these magnets are a great educational and entertaining activity. Your children can use these fun magnet sticks to learn shapes, patterns, symmetry, sorting, stacking and so much more!

Place the magnets on your fridge or give your children a large baking sheet and they will have fun creating their own designs.

What you’ll need:

  • Crafts sticks

  • Paint/markers

  • Magnet strips or dots

  • Glue

  • Scissors

Easy Steps:

  • Paint or draw your craft sticks in fun vibrant colors

  • Cut your magnet strip into small pieces

  • Glue a piece of magnet on to either end of the craft stick

#Education #Shapes #Activities #DIY #Development #Cognitiveskills

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