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Marbled Shaving Cream Painting

A creative and fun new way to paint and create tons of designs with so many colors. Painting has been proven to strengthen memory and creative growth and is a great arts and crafts activity for some indoor fun on those cold winter days!

What you’ll need:

  • Shaving cream

  • Acrylic paints

  • Large tin

  • Card stock paper

  • Long craft stick

  • Spatula (or something to stir with)

Easy Steps:

  • Fill your tin with shaving cream

  • Put drops of different colored paints on your shaving cream

  • Swirl slowly and gently with your spatula – creating a marbled design (making sure some white is still showing)

  • Lay your paper on top of the shaving cream and gently press down

  • Lift up your paper and place on a newspaper or covered surface – face up

  • Using your craft stick, scrape excess shaving cream off – revealing a beautiful marbled painting

#Activities #Painting #Education #Colors

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