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Math Toss Game

A fun, creative, educational, and very simple activity to do while helping your children learn their numbers and math!

What you’ll need:

  • Tennis ball

  • Velcro strips or dots

  • Sticky notes

  • Marker

  • Double sided-tape

3 Easy Steps:

  • Write out numbers on the sticky notes with your marker

  • Place velcro strips/dots near the number

  • Place numbers randomly on oak-tag and tape on door/wall

Give your children a tennis ball and let them stand a few feet from the door/wall. Start calling out numbers and they have to aim and hit the number you called.

Make it a bit more challenging by calling out simple equations and letting them aim and hit the correct answer!

#education #numbersandcounting #diy #pre-k #backtoschool #cognitiveskills

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