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Milk the Cow

A fun DIY sensory game to teach your little ones about farm animals while working on their fine motor skills.

What You’ll Need:

  • Latex gloves

  • Black/brown permanent marker

  • Tape/glue

  • Milk

  • Pin/needle

  • Clothes pin or string

  • Cups

4 Easy Steps:

  • Draw cow spots on the gloves with the black/brown permanent markers

  • Fill gloves with milk

  • Hang from any surface with the clothes pin or string

  • Place cups underneath each glove

When your kids are ready to play, poke a tiny hole with your needle in the finger tips of each glove. Let your little ones squeeze the finger tips and aim to get all the milk into the cup.

Take this opportunity to teach your kids about cows, all the different farm animals, and where milk comes from!

#Education #Animals #Development #Finemotorskills #Activities #DIY

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