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Potato Stamped Easter Eggs

A fun and creative way to paint Easter eggs to decorate your home this Spring! A great arts and crafts project for your little one.

Painting with stamps improves little ones’ fine motor skills and helps strengthen their muscles. It also helps improve their hand and eye coordination.

What you’ll need:

  • Potatos

  • Knife

  • Assorted colored paints

  • White paper

4 Easy Steps:

  • Slice the potato in half (length wise)

  • Design and slice the inside of the potato in fun shapes (see images for a few ideas!)

  • Paint the different sections in assorted colors

  • Press firmly on to the white paper

Create a basket from brown paper and cut out your eggs to glue “inside. You can also leave the painting as is and add green shredded paper for grass under the eggs!

Happy Easter!

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