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Spinning Activity Plate

A creative and fun activity for your child’s birthday party or play date! Get the kids moving and working on their gross motor skills with this fun DIY game.

What you’ll need:

  • White paper plate

  • Spinner printable

  • Split pins

  • Piece of cardboard

  • White paper

  • Glue

  • Die/dice

Easy Steps:

  • Click here to print out babyfirst’s printable (or let your little ones come up with some activities of their own)

  • Cut out 8 triangles/activities

  • Glue in a circle around the plate with the colorful triangles pointing inward

  • Cut an arrow and small circle from your cardboard (let your little one color it in!)

  • Poke a hole through the center of the plate, the end of the arrow and center of the circle

  • Insert the split pin through them all and secure from the bottom of the plate. Be sure to keep it loose so the arrow spins easily

Let your little ones spin the arrow and see what activity it lands on. They then have to roll the die/dice to see how many times they need to do that activity.

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