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Summer Scavenger Hunt

Take the kids outside and send them searching in the park. An awesome outdoor activity that gives them ample opportunity to talk, chat, run and investigate their surroundings.

Click here for a fun scavenger hunt printable.

A few bits of advice before you start:

1. Make sure that the challenge is appropriate for the kids’ skill and age. Think about how many items they need to find, how much help they will need and how many hints will be given.

2. Divide the players into even groups according to level skill and ability

3. If the kids are young, assign an adult to each group to help guide the search and keep the toddlers safe.

4. Limit the time and parameter of the search – give each group a timer and agree on the boundaries of the game location.

5. Make sure that there is a reward for all the players at the end of the game.

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