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The 4 Best Gift Ideas for Dads

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The best dad ever deserves the best Father’s Day gift ever! But what exactly is the right gift for Dad? We asked the Parents First Facebook group members for ideas, and they did not hold back!

Four Gift Ideas for Dads We Know They'll Love :

1. Handmade Gifts

DIY Father’s Day gifts are always a hit! Have your little one help create a masterpiece you can frame.

Parents First dads agree:

“The best thing is something made with the kiddos. Anything handmade with love is a win-win you can’t buy that in a store. One year my son made me a master card with his picture on it that I keep in my wallet.”
“I loved the homemade picture thanking me for being a good dad from my stepdaughter.”

2. Customized Gifts

Customize an item Dad uses daily with a Daddy & Me photo or a sweet message for a gift that keeps on giving every day like these ideas from Parents First group members!

“I’m customizing a whole set of grilling utensils with some awesome sayings and dad jokes!”
“One of those personalized dad/daughter books made me cry on Father's Day last year.”

3. Gadgets

Get Dad the gadget he’s been eyeing for a while - whether it’s a smartwatch, an awesome defrosting plate board, or headphones!

“The meat thermometer was a big hit with my husband!”
“I got a grill! I was completely surprised.”

4. Quality Time with the Family

Spend Father’s Day doing an activity Dad loves to do with the entire family! Our members loved this idea the most!

“One of the best things I ever got was a nice long walk with my family with a picnic.”
“My husband said he wants to take the kids to the aquarium and go have a nice dinner out as a family.”

Looking for more ideas for that absolute best father’s day gift? Find Father’s Day gift ideas from a community of parents just like you in Parents First! Join now!


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