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Velcro Tree Decorating

A great holiday activity to get your little ones in the holiday spirit! They will work on their fine motor skills while decorating their very own tree!

What you’ll need:

  • Roll of green kraft paper

  • Yellow construction paper

  • Brown construction paper

  • Printable decoration (click here)

  • Tape

  • Velcro strips or dots

5 Easy Steps:

  • Cut the green kraft paper in the shape of a tree and tape to the wall

  • Cut the brown construction paper to create the tree trunk

  • Cut out a star from the yellow construction paper and adhere to the top of the tree

  • Click here to print the fun decorations

  • Place Velcro dots or strips in random areas of the tree and on the back of each of the decoration

Now your little ones can decorate their very own tree and change it around however and whenever they’d like!

Happy Holidays!

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