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What are the Benefits of Daycare?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

You’ve decided on the perfect daycare setting for your precious little one and the first day is rapidly approaching. You’re feeling those awful pangs of “parent guilt” that we all have about dropping our perfect angel off with others. That’s totally normal...BUT don’t fret! The right daycare has many, many incredible benefits for both you and your little one. Below is a list of the benefits of daycare from BabyFirst’s Early Childhood Specialist, Jessica Kohn:

  • Socialization. Simply put, in order for your child to learn to socialize with others, there needs to be others to socialize with. There is nothing better for children than learning to share, take turns, negotiate, and compromise in a social setting with children their own age under the guidance and support of trained caregivers.

  • Language development. Children in social settings, like daycare, tend to develop language faster because they need to use words to convey their thoughts and feelings. Trained caregivers know how to use rich language to support children and know how to encourage children to express their needs through words.

  • Trust. What a powerful message it is to send to your little one that he or she can be safe, protected, cared for and loved by someone other than you. When they see that you trust in their caregivers, they know they can believe in them as well.

  • Adaptability and flexibility. Children get used to the type of care provided by their primary caregiver. When things change, children learn to adapt and be flexible in new situations. This is an important life skill. A different type of care doesn’t mean a lower level of care, just a different style than yours.

  • Confidence. Understanding that their parents can leave and that they also come back, is a very important concept, developmentally, for young children. When your little one adjusts and understands that he or she can also be successful without you and that you always come back, is a huge confidence builder for their little hearts and minds.

  • YOU can take care of YOU. Spending time away from your little one and giving yourself some adult time, albeit for work or to attend to personal matters, is very, very healthy. You can be a better parent if you have time to recharge your mental and physical batteries. For working parents, it’s OK and highly advisable to schedule some “me time” for yourself while your little one is well cared for at daycare. Even a half an hour a week can be a game changer. You’ll thank yourself!

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